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Health and Equal Justice for All
While King’s Personal System captures the reality of each individual person, the Interpersonal System is the space between persons within which all ethical practice occurs.
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This blog takes a look at how King's concepts and theory might apply to the pandemic.
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One of the primary elements of King's Theory of Goal attainment is "perception." Perception (patient) was the focus of a recent qualitative study looking at which nurse behaviors indicated to patients that nurses were listening to them. What have you experienced in your own practice? What are YOUR perceptions regarding the way you believe your behaviors are interpreted by your patient?
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Nurses are professionally mandated to disseminate their scholarship. Over time, many strategies have emerged to make this possible.
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Please post your questions about Dr. King's work here. Answers from anyone are welcome but members of the King International Nursing Group will also monitor the questions and try to help. NOTE: This is a trial, viewable only by KING members. If things go well, we can go live. If you would like to 'author' a blog on a particular King specialty, please contact me at
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Welcome to the blog of the King International Nursing Group! This blog is open to the public and welcomes comments and questions by anyone. This blog will be monitored on a regular basis. We look forward to your postings.
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Typographical Errors and Consequences Jacqueline Fawcett, RN; PhD; ScD (hon); FAAN; ANEF Professor, Department of Nursing, University of Massachusetts Boston A typographical error in email about initiation of blogs for the KING website included the word, Kong, rather than King. My immediate thought about this typographical error was “I am confident0 that Imogene King’s work and that of our KI
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