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NOVEMBER 3 (evening) and 4 (all day), 2021



We are pleased to announce that the registration for the 2021 ZOOM K.I.N.G. Research Conference is now open to everyone via our website ( 

Registration will be limited so be sure to register early so that you also can get the early bird registration rate!

To register, please follow the directions below:


Click on Event Calendar on the menu on the current website (

Use the Next down arrow to move to November 2021

Click on the green arrow to the right of the November 3 conference

Click on Register Now 

Follow directions on each page, clicking Next when done

Remember that you must pay in order to complete your registration.


Once the program has been finalized, there will be another registration process on whereby you will select the sessions you will attend. You will receive an email when that registration is open. If you do not complete the second registration to select your sessions, you will not be able to attend the conference. Thank you for your attention to this detail.

If you have any problems registering, please feel free to contact me at


Posted 6/15/2021

                        Article about creating a compelling poster about your scholarship

                 Poster presentations: creating a compelling offering for colleagues (


Posted 6/10/2021

Posted 5/28/2021

How to Handle Working Outside the

Nursing School Bubble


Introducing the newly revised Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 4th Edition (NSSP). THE nursing guide, the NSSP outlines the critical aspects of nursing, your role, and overarching tools for any level, environment, population, and specialty.


What’s New

  • Revised definition of nursing and scope of practice statement
  • Innovation in nursing and future opportunities
  • Addition of the new professional performance standard for advocacy
  • Changes in select standards statements and accompanying competencies
  • Updated Nursing Practice Model
  • Addition of new Regulation of Professional Nursing Practice Model


In our 4th edition, we not only cover additional material, but we’ve done so in a user-friendly design with improved e-book features.


Bonus Offers:

    American Nurses Association   8515 Georgia Ave  Suite 400  Silver Spring  Maryland   20910   United States


    Posted 6/9/2021


    Posted: 5/20/2020

                               2019 COLLABORATIVE NURSING THEORY CONFERENCE
                                                 PHOTO ALBUM NOW AVAILABLE

    A photo album from the 2019 collaborative nursing theory conference is now available to all on this website. Please click on Photo Page List on the menu to access it.

    For additional information on the abstracts, please go to


                               Your scholarly work, related to Imogene King's work, is needed to be
                                     submitted to the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-repository

    (NOTE: If you plan to submit something to the e-repository, please contact Diana Newman at so that she can facilitate the process. 
    NOTE FROM DR. NEWMAN: This is just a reminder that any items submitted to me for the Virginia Henderson Library (VHL) repository must not have copyright issues, that is, they should not have been published before they are submitted to VHL. VHL cannot violate copyrights held by other entities.)

    The King International Nursing Group has just established an Events collection on the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-repository so that abstracts and slides from our biannual conferences can be included on the e-repository.

    We are also hoping to establish another collection, associated with the K.I.N.G., that would include all documents/scholarly efforts that use Imogene King's work and related theories. As a result, I am writing to encourage you, your colleagues and any nursing students to consider submitting their work to this e-repository. It is a wonderful way to, without cost, disseminate one's work globally. Submission can include, but are not limited to:

    Pre-print article* (The draft of an article that has been submitted to a journal, but not peer-reviewed or edited.)

    Post-print article* (The version of an article that has been submitted to a journal, peer-reviewed and edited.)
    As-published article* (The version that appears in the print and/or online journal.)


    DNP capstone project/paper


    Class Project

    Committee Report

    Research Study Report

    Dataset (raw data from survey results, etc.)**

    Faculty Created Learning Objects

    Presentation Papers and/or Slides

    * Authors are responsible for determining the version allowed for deposit by the publisher/journal prior to submitting it to the Henderson e-repository. See the Sherpa/RoMeo database.

    ** All data must be scrubbed of personal information prior to submission."

    (Sigma Theta Tau International, 2017, FAQs. Retrieved from

    The following is a link to their author information page  (Author Assistant Page: Please remind them to add"King International Nursing Group" to the description field during the submission process so that they may be identified from other submissions. Once 100 submissions have been approved and posted, we could work on having them copied to a separate K.I.N.G. collection.

    Thank you so much for your help in disseminating nurses' work related to the work of Dr. King.

    Please let me know if you have any questions (


    Posted: 5/5/2019

                                                                                             NURSING THEORY WEBSITE - NURSOLOGY

    In September, 2018, a group of self-appointed volunteers with expertise related to nursing knowledge development, launched, a website to provide a repository of nursing theories, models, and philosophies, and to serve as central source for resources, debate, and exploration of issues related to the development of nursing knowledge.  One of the little-known facts related to nursing knowledge development is the existence of organizations, like K.I.N.G., that provide inspiration and support for the ongoing development of nursing knowledge, and the fact that these groups hold regular events where nurses can gather to focus on the ideas related to a specific area of nursing knowledge.  So we have included, on, information about these organizations and their events.  Information about nursing organizations can be accessed from the "Resources" menu, and the organizations are grouped by "Nursing Knowledge-focused Groups" and "Scholarly Research Societies."  The 2019 Collaborative K.I.N.G. conference is on the list of "Future Events" as well.  When you access the conference information you will see brief summary information about the conference, plus links to the conference website and registration information! has already become an invaluable resource, not only for nurses everywhere, but for those in the general public who can learn more about the amazing realm of nursing - nursology!  We invite you to take some time to explore the many nooks and crannies of the site, and to contribute to the site in any way you can!  We have forms for everything - you can contribute a blog post, or information about a theory, or exemplars of ways in which nursing knowledge is being applied in practice, research, education, policy or quality improvement!  We welcome your feedback - you can contact us anytime using our "contact" form on the site -  

    Peggy L. Chinn, RN, PhD, FAAN




    Now that you have visited this website, take a moment to consider joining. Membership in the King International Nursing Group is very cost effective, especially for students (only $15 for a year), and you can pay by credit card on this site. Keep in mind that the organization has not raised dues since we started in 2009.

    Since the K.I.N.G. has international members, the newsletters are also published in Japanese, Spanish and Turkish. Being a member also gets you access to several publications that are out of print through the Documents section as well as access to experts who can answer your King questions through the blogs (both public and members only). Also, keep in mind that, if you itemize on your taxes, dues are tax deductible.

    Membership Dues:


    Regular Member    Annual Membership - $35.00; Life Time Membership - $350.00

    Student Member    Annual Membership - $15.00

    Retiree Member     Annual Membership - $15.00

    Organization         Annual Membership - $100.00 (entitles the organization to two 'memberships')
    Questions: contact

    Ahora que ha visitado este sitio web, tómese un momento para considerar unirse. La membresía en King International Nursing Group es muy rentable, especialmente para estudiantes (solo $ 15 por año), y puede pagar con tarjeta de crédito en este sitio. Tenga en cuenta que la organización no ha aumentado las cuotas desde que comenzamos en 2009.

    Desde el K.I.N.G. tiene miembros internacionales, los boletines también se publican en japonés, español y turco. Ser miembro también le permite acceder a varias publicaciones que están agotadas en la sección Documentos, así como a expertos que pueden responder sus preguntas sobre King a través de los blogs (tanto públicos como miembros). Además, tenga en cuenta que, si detalla sus impuestos, las cuotas son deducibles de impuestos.

    Las cuotas de afiliación:
    Membresía anual para miembros regulares: $ 35.00; Membresía de por vida - $ 350.00

    Membresía anual de miembro estudiante - $ 15.00

    Membresía anual para miembros jubilados: $ 15.00

    Membresía anual de la organización: $ 100.00 (le da derecho a la organización a dos 'membresías')
    Preguntas: contacte a

    Artik bu web sitesini ziyaret ettiniz, katilmayi düsünmek için biraz vakit ayirin. Kral Uluslararasi Hemsirelik Grubu üyeligi, özellikle ögrenciler için (yalnizca bir yil için 15 ABD dolari) çok uygun maliyetlidir ve bu sitede kredi karti ile ödeme yapabilirsiniz. 2009'da basladigimizdan beri kurulusun aidatlari yükseltmedigini unutmayin.

    K.I.N.G. uluslararasi üyelere sahipken, bültenler Japonca, Ispanyolca ve Türkçe olarak da yayinlanmaktadir. Üye olmak, Dokümanlar bölümünde yazdirilmayan çesitli yayinlarin yani sira, Kral sorulariniza bloglar araciligiyla (hem kamu hem de üye) cevap verebilecek uzmanlara erismenizi saglar. Ayrica, vergilerinizi ayrintilariyla belirlerseniz, aidatlarin vergiden düsülebilecegini unutmayin.

    Üyelik aidatlari:
    Düzenli Üye Yillik Üyelik - 35,00 $; Yasam Zamani Üyelik - 350.00 USD

    Ögrenci Üye Yillik Üyelik - 15.00 $

    Emekli Üyeligi Yillik Üyelik - 15,00 $

    Organizasyon Yillik Üyelik - 100,00 $ (kurulusu iki 'üyelik' e yetki verir)
    Sorulariniz: ile iletisim kurun

                                    American Nurses Association E-Membership – the most basic option

    If you are not a current member of ANA, and are an RN, please consider joining ANA as an e-member. For only $45, you add your voice to the national association for all RNs. Please consider joining today.

    ANA E-Membership
    • An ANA E-Membership is a virtual membership in ANA;
    • E-Membership offers some of the benefits of ANA but does not give you a discount on ANCC certifications, discounts on any ANA products, you do not receive any print copies of American Nurse Today, and you do not receive the free quarterly Navigate Nursing webinar
    • You are not a voting member in ANA.
    Availability: ANA E-Membership is only available in the following locations:
    Mississippi North Carolina Pennsylvania Washington, DC
    North Dakota
    South Carolina
    West Virginia
    South Dakota
    New Mexico
    New York
    Virgin Islands
    Join Now


    The new nurse led, nurse developed repository of the most current and accurate information about nursing discipline-specific knowledge that advances human betterment globally.

      *Summaries, with author bios, of over 40 nursing models, theories & philosophies (and growing).

      * Historical records of landmark events shaping nursing knowledge.

      * Exemplars of theory-based practice, education, research, policy and quality-improvement projects.

      * Resources for nursing knowledge development, including textbooks, organizations and journals.

      *Information about future events focused on nursing theory and philosophy.

    What people are saying :

    “A great resource.” “An amazing historical treasure.”

    “A terrific way to advance public understanding and appreciation of
    nursing knowledge.”

    “A great resource for sharing ideas… I can’t wait to see the site grow and expand, reflecting the development of new knowledge in nursing!”


    Facebook Link:

    A public blog is available for your postings. We hope that you will post your questions and comments about Dr. King's work, and respond to the comments of others. Access to the Blog is by clicking on the  menu item (Blogs) at the top of the web page. Hope to hear from you soon.


    Welcome to the King International Nursing Group!


    Founded by colleagues of Dr. King in Michigan, the King International Nursing Group (K.I.N.G.) preserves, promotes, and advances King’s work in nursing knowledge development. Using her systems theory intertwined with research, we strive to improve all aspects of nursing education, administration and practice.


    Following the successful 2017 conference in Vermont, we are looking forward to the 2019 conference in Washington, D.C. just before (November 14-15) the Sigma Theta Tau International conference. Please watch for the call for abstracts for paper and poster presentations.


    Regardless of your location or area of practice, we encourage you to join the K.I.N.G. and become active within the organization. We are currently looking for members to volunteer for the following committees: Education, Membership and Nomination Committees.


    We hope that you will visit this website frequently for information, suggestions and networking. Please feel free to share the link to the home page with your colleagues. If you have suggestions for how we might improve the web page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Diana Newman, PhD, RN President (2019-2021)

    Diana Newman, PhD, RN President (2019-2021)

    Christina Sieloff, PhD  President (2017-2019)

    Mary Gunther PhD, RN   President (2013-2017)

    Beverly Whelton PhD, RN President (2011-2013)


    Christina Sieloff, President (2009-2011)







    DR. KING'S 1971 & 1981 BOOKS
    Items have been added to the Members' Only Documents: 1) Dr. King's 1971 book - Toward a Theory For Nursing: General Concepts of Human Behavior, and 2) Dr. King's 1981 book - A Theory for Nursing: Systems, Concepts and Process. Since these books are out of print, this is a great opportunity to review Dr. King's early works. If you are not a member of the King International Nursing Group, please take a moment to join. Dues are very reasonable: 1) $35 annually, or 2) $15 annually if the member is a student or retired.

    First Conference Photographs

    Photographs have recently been found from the first King International Nursing Conference. (Thank you to Dr. Mary Killeen). These photographs have been uploaded to the members-only Documents section of the website. Join now ($35/year; $15/year for students and retirees) to view these photos.


    KING International Nursing Group is on Facebook!


    KING is now on Facebook!  Find out more by doing a Facebook search for “King International Nursing Group.” Administrator Tom Stenvig encourages all KING members and anyone interested in Imogene King’s work to visit the KING Facebook page and click “Like” to help stimulate interest and spread the word. Also feel free to post information about meetings, conferences, publications, and anything else of interest to KING members. For questions and more information, contact Tom at











        Click on Documents for a Powerpoint presentation by Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

    King’s Conceptual System & Theory of Goal Attainment: Leading the way for the Nurse of the Future




     The King International Nursing Group wishes to recognize and thank its Lifetime and Charter members. The Lifetime members are:  Richard Bogue, Jacqueline Fawcett, Mary Killeen, Patricia Messmer, Diana Newman. Charter members are:  Barbara May, Thomas Stenvig. Without the support these individuals, the K.I.N.G. would not have reactivated as successfully as it did.

     Contact us at or

     ©2009 King International Nursing Group.