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The mission of the KING  is to improve the quality of patient care, and to contribute to the science of nursing, through advancement of Imogene King's Conceptual System for Nursing.  This includes the Theory of Goal Attainment as well as other theoretical formulations derived from the Framework.

The Purposes of the KING Shall Be to:

  1. Examine the power of King's Conceptual Systems as a basis for administration, education, practice, research and theory.
  2. Provide an educational forum to integrate King's Conceptual System and related theories into practice.
  3. Provide an international arena through which nursing scholars can collaborate and disseminate their work.
  4. Facilitate networking between nurses interested in King's Conceptual System and related theories.
  5. Contribute to the science of nursing through further development of King's Conceptual System and related theories.


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